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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This Leica Camera Can Be Yours In 4 Hours!

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Photo Finish
What's the point of living in style if you don't have the proper means to document it? We know how the perfect photo can bring that idyllic summer afternoon back to life, and how just the right shot can capture a fleeting moment for years to come, which is why ideeli is giving away a C-Lux 3 Digital Camera by world-renowned Leica.
One lucky winner will receive this sleek, compact camera, and with it, a small piece of history. What began in a German optical factory that developed fine microscopes became one of the most innovative camera makers worldwide. Thanks to the vision of Oskar Barnack, Leica shifted cameras away from traditional heavy plate designs towards the first successful small-format cameras, thereby revolutionizing the industry as early as 1925 and creating unprecedented freedom in both reporting and artistic photography. Still known today for its diminutive and lightweight designs, Leica guarantees that those good times ahead won't slip by unnoticed and the photo finish is only the beginning.
Good Luck!

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